Material de prevención para los indígenas urbanos

Prevention material for urban Aboriginal people

A Phillips
Native Friendship Centre of Montreal, Montreal, Canada

There are many Aboriginal people in Montreal who are involved in high risk activities, living marginally and sometimes in poverty or homeless. The Urban Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Support Services has developed material which addresses HIV/AIDS prevention to these particular groups.
The prevention material was specifically chosen to allow these individuals to receive information in a non-formal manner, they include drawings, the language is easy to read and understand.
The material uses Aboriginal-specific images. Postcards and bookmarks are non-threatening and fun.
The themes of the postcards are (1,000 in each official Canadian language):
-How to use a condom (male and female);
-How to clean a needle;
-How to make a dental dam;
-How HIV/AIDS is transmitted;
-Myths about HIV/AIDS.
The bookmark (500 in each language) has been created as a comic strip. The storyline is of two Aboriginal girls in a washroom discussing the use of condoms for sex.
-Lessons Learned:
The response to the material has been very positive. People appreciate the information, as well as enjoy the look of the postcards and bookmarks.
There has been many requests for the material from across Canada, we have decided to do reprints of the material so that we may be able to share our information with other communities. The next step would be to create more material that would be of benefit to the Aboriginal community of Montreal.

The XIV International AIDS Conference
Abstract no. MoPeF3918

Suggested Citation
” A Phillips , Prevention material for urban Aboriginal people . Poster Exhibition: The XIV International AIDS Conference: Abstract no. MoPeF3918″

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