La colaboración entre países para prevenir la transmisión del VIH en las comunidades indígenas

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Cross-country collaboration to prevent the transmission of HIV in indigenous communities

C. Aspin1, M. Ratima2, N. Dickson3, L. Smith1, R. Jones4, T. Wong5

In an effort to address some of the AIDS related disparities that exist between indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, a three country collaboration (New Zealand, Australia and Canada) was established to investigate the role of resilience in protecting indigenous peoples against HIV and other blood borne sexually transmitted infections.

The collaboration is designed to contribute to the development of indigenous research capacity as well as indigenous leadership in HIV/AIDS research, with significant input from indigenous communities most affected by HIV. This paper describes the methodology being by used one of the three countries (New Zealand), as well as the structures that have been put in place to ensure that the project is led by indigenous people and so that it responds effectively to the needs of indigenous peoples.

Lessons learned:
Preliminary results have shown extensive cross-country support for the proposed research. Researchers have consulted widely with members of affected groups and structures are in place to ensure their ongoing participation at all levels of the project. An international advisory group has been established to ensure that cross-country collaboration is regular and beneficial to all partners. To date, indigenous people in the three countries have played key leadership roles in determining the direction of the project. The lessons learnt in the three country collaboration will provide vital data for use in other countries, especially those where indigenous peoples have been adversely affected by the AIDS epidemic.

With indigenous methodologies at the heart of research endeavours, we are likely to see greater success in preventing the transmission of HIV in indigenous communities than we have seen in the past. This project is further indication of the need to develop programmes that are a genuine reflection of the needs of indigenous peoples and has implications for indigenous peoples around the world.

AIDS 2006 – XVI International AIDS Conference
Abstract no. MOPE0811

Suggested Citation
“C.Aspin, et al. Cross-country collaboration to prevent the transmission of HIV in indigenous communities. : AIDS 2006 – XVI International AIDS Conference: Abstract no. MOPE0811”

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