Educando y fortaleciendo la comunidad Muxhe en el Istmo de Tehuantepec, México, en la salud, la sexualidad y el VIH / SIDA

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Educating and strengthening the Muxhe community at the Istmo de Tehuantepec, Mexico in health, sexuality and HIV/AIDS

J A Gomez Regalado1, C García de León-Moreno2, Y López Saines3
1Binni Lanu, Juchitan, Oax, Mexico; 2AVE de Mexico, Mexico City, Mexico; 3Gunaxhii Guendanabani, Juchitan, Oax, Mexico

I. The HIV/AIDS dinamics in Mexico and its focus in MSM population created the need to implement in the Istmo de Tehuantepenc in Juchitan, Oaxaca a Project on education and strengthening of leaderships in a group of zapotec indigenous people who initiate the sexual life of male population in a 75%, this population known as Muxhe’s (meaning in zapotec dialect a similar identity to gay and transgender with sui generis features) starts empower processes in this community so as to face the epidemics in an informed way and with awareness towards a responsible and pleasant sexual exercise.

D. This Project of education and strengthening focused to the Muxhe community Works with non-traditional populations; from an ethnic and cultural view of indigenous people because they are not viewed by national nor local preventive strategies with their specificities and richness of their social and sexual diversity. It has three integration and training axis, reply among peers of nearby towns and finally the elaboration of a theatrical play in its mother tongue that is considered an effective mean to transmit education. 25 Muxhes were trained regarding topics such as self-esteem, human rights, stigma and discrimination, sexuality and HIV/AIDS. It is supported by empowerment process of said community by its relevance in the HIV/AIDS dinamics

LL. The participation of indigenous communities in the design, implementation and evaluation of preventive strategies is indispensable to assure its effectiveness. The recognition of sexual diversity within indigenous community and a proper diagnosis of their needs facilitates the job to prevent HIV/AIDS transmission among the Muxhes and the communities they relate with. Stigma and discrimination are a key factor in the development of non-heterosexual communities even though in their localties they are well accepted.

R. Sustainability is important to be considered in the projects so as to keep and maintain the projects in the community

The XV International AIDS Conference
Abstract no. C11178

Suggested Citation
” J A Gomez Regalado , , et al. Educating and strengthening the Muxhe community at the Istmo de Tehuantepec, Mexico in health, sexuality and HIV/AIDS. CD Only: The XV International AIDS Conference: Abstract no. C11178″

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