Necesidades de servicios de los nativos americanos con VIH / SIDA

Service needs of Native Americans with HIV/AIDS

L L O Oropeza1, P B Bouey1, B D Duran2
1National Native American AIDS Prevention Center, Oakland, United States; 2University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, United States

Background. Clients receive services through a network of nine case management sites, which each function as a central service center within a local service network. Sites provide case management in a culturally appropriate manner and most are housed within a Native American program. Currently, over 365 clients receive some level of care, and nearly 200 have completed baseline evaluations. This study presents results of an analysis of the service utilization and needs of Native Americans in case management.

Methods. Data constitute cross-sectional information collected through use of a multi-site evaluation instrument. Data are self-report from nearly 200 clients.

Results. Client responses indicate that although services reported as being needed, a client may not access the service. Main service needs include housing (41%), food (51%), and transportation (51%). These are baseline measures against which follow-up data will be contrasted to evaluate if clients service needs were met.

Conclusions: These data offer a profile into the needs of this client population. Case management programs need to focus on areas of highest need, and improve client access to services.

The XIV International AIDS Conference
Abstract no. TuPeE5202

Suggested Citation
” L L O Oropeza , , et al. Service needs of Native Americans with HIV/AIDS. Poster Exhibition: The XIV International AIDS Conference: Abstract no. TuPeE5202″

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