Manejo de casos de los nativos americanos con VIH / SIDA: barreras y estrategias identificadas por los trabajadores de primera línea

Case management of Native Americans with HIV/AIDS: barriers and strategies identified by frontline workers

L L O Oropeza
National Native American AIDS Prevention Center, Oakland, United States

Background. Case managers working with Native Americans in urban and rural communities are faced with similar issues in serving this population. Meeting the clients’ basic needs of housing, food, transportation and employment are of primary importance. Medical care, including client adherence, and substance abuse treatment, become secondary to the client. Through this five-year case management project, case managers working on the frontlines identified strategies that support and encourage Native American clients to adhere to a care and treatment plan.

Description. The Native Care: HIV/AIDS Integrated Service Network is a collaborative effort between NNAAPC and seven Native American organizations. All network participants implement the Ahalaya Case Management Model to provide culturally responsive HIV-case management services and HIV-education to local Native American communities. The frontline workers at each site were interviewed by telephone and several were brought together for a focus group to identify the barriers and strategies in serving this population.

Lessons Learned. Integrating culturally appropriate practices into case management for Native Americans is fundamental to promoting the health and well-being of Native Americans with HIV/AIDS. Meeting Native American clients where they are at is critical to strengthening the case manager-client relationship, and in that process supports the clients continued health and well-being. Case managers have information about the clients, which is not always reflected in the data collected from clients.

Recommendations. A caseworker or other provider serving Native Americans with HIV/AIDS should integrate culturally-appropriate care into a service plan. Frontline workers serving Native Americans with HIV/AIDS have a wealth of knowledge and experience that other providers could benefit from if more research documented their practices and strategies.

The XIV International AIDS Conference
Abstract no. TuPeE5203

Suggested Citation
” L L O Oropeza , Case management of Native Americans with HIV/AIDS: barriers and strategies identified by frontline workers. Poster Exhibition: The XIV International AIDS Conference: Abstract no. TuPeE5203″

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