Fortalecimiento de los servicios de salud de las ETS para los cimarrones y las poblaciones indígenas en el interior de Surinam

Strenghtening STD health services for Maroon and Indigenous populations in the hinterland of Suriname

J S Rambaran
Medische Zending, Paramaribo, Suriname

Maroon and Indigenous people (45.000) live in the interior of Suriname. Their villages can only be reached by boat or airplanes. There are 52 medical posts in the interior. In 1998 a STD/HIV program was started for five years with the focus on this target group, because national aids-figures shows a high incidence of HIV among these people.

The STD/HIV program parts are:
Syndromal Approach
Condom distribution
Psycho-social support

Lessons learned:
Syndromal Approach was introduced in the first two years, but the concept is easily forgotten by health workers.
A KAPB study was conducted on Maroon and Indigenous people, which resulted in educational materials and train the trainers workshops on STD/HIV, with amusing elements in order to set the participants at ease with this taboo subject.
Educational material was only made for Maroon, and the train the trainers workshops were mostly conducted for Maroon, because it lacks a gender-based approach, which created cultural barriers for Indigenous.
Condom distribution was extended from medical posts to local condom sale points. In Maroon villages it was easier to establish local sale points than in Indigenous villages, due to cultural barriers.
Only medical support was provided to PLWHA by health workers. They were not trained to provide psycho-social support.

Workshops on syndromal approach will be conducted in 5 areas, covering all the 52 medical posts.
Tthe train the trainers workshops will have a follow-up with a focus on the use of educational materials when giving information to villagers. Gender-based workshops will be conducted for Indigenous.
Culturally sensitive educational materials will be produced for Indigenous, including a docu-drama on HIV.
Local condom sale points will be promoted in Indigenous villages.
Some participants of the workshops will be recruited for a training on psycho-social support.

The XIV International AIDS Conference
Abstract no. TuPeF5466

Suggested Citation
” J S Rambaran , Strenghtening STD health services for Maroon and Indigenous populations in the hinterland of Suriname. Poster Exhibition: The XIV International AIDS Conference: Abstract no. TuPeF5466″

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