Los pueblos indígenas y el VIH / SIDA, un desafío intercultural

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Indigenous people and HIV/AIDS, an intercultural challenge

M. Carrasco

Issues: Indigenous people, prevention and intercultural health care, strategic alliances.
Description: In Chile there have been little interests on the subject of indigenous people and HIV/AIDS. The indigenous people´s quality of life is precarious as a result of the changes brought by colonization, migration, development, new patterns of settlement and the lack of a political participation that consider them as real agents of change within the processes of modernization of each country. All these reasons, among others, have made indigenous people far more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS. In this context, in June 2007 VIVO POSITIVO signed an agreement with the Williche´s Council of Chiefs from Chiloe, including a working plan designed jointly by both organizations and which considers the crucial dialogue between different cosmologies such as the williches . This means the williche community producing its own resignified knowledge and information about HIV/AIDS among its members. This also includes, as first action, the realization of a Diploma on Intercultural Extension with a focus on HIV/AIDS.
Lessons learned: Training of 15 williche community leaders, Diplomas on Intercultural Extension of 160 teaching hours at ARCIS University. This has been fundamental to generate a horizontal dialogue and joint work with traditional indigenous authorities, so that there are actions of prevention which are culturally oriented and relevant, respecting the communities´ cosmology and own production of meaning.
Next steps: Carrying out the rest of the working plan designed jointly by both organizations that involves community actions, an ethnographic research project, and designing a model of intercultural health care for williche people living with HIV/AIDS, and applying it to other indigenous communities in the country.

AIDS 2008 – XVII International AIDS Conference
Abstract no. TUPE0736

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” M. Carrasco Indigenous people and HIV/AIDS, an intercultural challenge. : AIDS 2008 – XVII International AIDS Conference: Abstract no. TUPE0736″

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